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I think we can all agree that a home is not a home, without your pet/s. Now you have taken the huge decision to move overseas, and you have pet/s that you would like to take with you. We are sure you must be wondering where to start with this?!

If you feel like there is a mountain of work ahead to get your pet/s ready for the big move, we at AeroPets Worldwide can assure you that with enough planning, preparation and AeroPets to guide you every step of the way, the whole move will be much easier, for you and your pet/s. You can submit a free quote request for pet travel here

Here is a quick guide detailing the best way to start the process and outlining what you will need:

  1. Every country has different veterinary import requirements and, it is important to get this right. Most countries require that pets are microchipped and that they have an up to date and valid Rabies vaccination. You can take this step straight away. Talk to your vet about your plans. Ask your vet to check the health and fitness of your pet/s and to affirm their readiness for travel. This is especially important if you have older pets.
  2. Some country veterinary requirement adherence, is long and drawn out, and requires a longer waiting period on your end before travel can commence. Conversely, other countries are easier, quicker, and relatively painless in attaining veterinary requirement adherence. We recommend that you get started with the veterinary requirement adherence at least 6 to 7 months before you plan to emigrate.
  3. Get in touch with AeroPets. We will advise you on the exact entry requirements to your chosen destination and, we will provide you with a costing (quote) and all the specific and unique information that you need before starting the process. We will also check all the current veterinary documents you have for your pet/s and provide you with a customised step-by-step guide on what you need to do and when you need to do it.
  4. As your pet/s will travel as manifest cargo, it is important to “Crate Train” your pet/s before they travel. This will ensure familiarity of the space and their comfortability in their crates before they leave. This guarantees a less stressful travel experience for them.
  5. Determine your travel date and then a date for when you would like your pet/s to travel. Some countries have different requirements about pets travelling “unaccompanied” or within 5 days of their owners. Depending on your plans – the dates you choose for you and your pet/s travel – the documentation and travel process required is thereby determined. Knowing when you plan to leave and when you want your pet/s to travel, will help your AeroPets agent to better guide you through all necessary steps.
  6. It is important to think ahead about how you will manage your pet/s travel once they land in the country of destination. If you do not pre-plan this aspect of your pet/s journey, it can become costly and extremely stressful. AeroPets always recommends using an IPATA approved import agent to assist you with the customs clearance and legwork that needs to happen on the ground, once your pet/s land. Understanding what to expect when your pet/s land and knowing that they will be taken care of, on your behalf, ensures a smoother and less stressful process for both you and your pet/s.

Although the entire travel process may feel daunting and unfamiliar, AeroPets Worldwide, because of their years of experience, will assist, and guide you every step of the way, while ensuring the safety and care of your pet/s. Clients who travel with us repeatedly assert that when they see their pet/s in their new home, the stress falls away, the heart pumps and there is a feeling of it all being completely worth it. We would like to partner with you on this ride so that you and your pet/s are ready for the next family adventure in your new home.