Here’s what our happy “pawrents” had to say.

    positive review  Kirsten and her team is amazing and I’ll highly recommend Aeropets for your pet travel requirements.Kirsten, thank you for your assistance, patience and guidance during a stressful time for myself and my furbabies and going above and beyond. It’s greatly appreciated.We’re so happy to finally have both Luna and Kira with us in the Netherlands. We’re enjoying every moment. 💜

    Nicolette Nieuwoudt Avatar Nicolette Nieuwoudt
    18th March 2021

    positive review  Your pets are in good hands here. Both our pups arrived in the USA safely and in record time during these difficult COVID times.

    Katarina Medger Avatar Katarina Medger
    13th March 2021

    positive review  Mikki and her team have been absolutely amazing! from the onset they were very professional and to the point, there where no dodging of subjects and they go out of their way to assist you and your furbabies!I trust my dogs' judgement of character and all 3 of them were extra comfortable with each team member they met. I would highly recommend AeroPets Worldwide!!! Thank you, Mikki, Aiden, Kirsten, & the rest who make this dream team function! you are the best!

    Jc Engelbrecht Avatar Jc Engelbrecht
    4th March 2021

    positive review  I would like to recommend Aeropets for their wonderful services. Kirsten has been absolutely amazing. Never had to worry about a thing and she kept me in the loop the whole time. She is so caring about the pets entrusted to them and that really makes all the difference. Thank you so much for bringing my Sasha safely from JHB to AMS ❤️😊

    Chantal Roberts Avatar Chantal Roberts
    26th February 2021

    positive review  I would recommend Aeropets anytime. Their service has been fantastic and went off without a hitch. Their love of animals is very evident and the care they gave Peppa and Phoebe on their adventure relocation to UK was fantastic. Well done Kirsten and Aiden.

    Penny Coy Avatar Penny Coy
    23rd February 2021

    positive review  Absolutely amazing service from Kirsten. With travel regulations changing almost daily, the move could have been a lot more stressful than it was. Kirsten is efficient and professional and we could not be happier! I would strongly recommend AeroPets, you won’t regret it.

    Nicole Candiotes-Dos Reis Avatar Nicole Candiotes-Dos Reis
    9th February 2021

    positive review  Thank you Mikki for making sure our babies arrived safe and sound in The Netherlands on the day that we requested during such crazy times. They were very well looked after and quickly forgot about the flight’s stress when they got home.

    Jeanine Rocha Avatar Jeanine Rocha
    7th February 2021

    positive review  Kirsten was amazing with my baby boy. from the time we requested a quite to the time of his arrival here in the UK. Aeropets made sure Duaty was comfortable and safe. I will recommend Aeropets over again. Amazing work. Thank you Kirsten

    Amanda Greaves-Walker Avatar Amanda Greaves-Walker
    28th January 2021

    positive review  We were assisted by Mikki Murphy at AeroPets Worldwide who (quite literally) performed a miracle.We were offered 3 flights to London in January 2021, of which we chose the latter one with Qatar.He arrived in JHB without his original rabies certificate. No Idea how I managed that as I honestly thought I had the original.Somehow Mikki got the original from Onderstepoort, and still got him endorsed by the state vet, and onto his flight.The cost of the flights was very reasonable, and did not increase due to COVID.I cannot recommend AeroPets enough. They are professional, hard working, honest, and they truly went above and beyond to get my boy to me safely and quickly.Highly recommend!

    Leigh Pennington-Jones Avatar Leigh Pennington-Jones
    21st January 2021

    positive review  I cannot recommend Aero Pets and Mikki more!!! I am so unbelievably happy with the service I received. My babies have arrived in Mauritius and it is ALL because of Mikki and the amazing team at Aero Pets. My family and home are complete now. Thank you thank you thank you 🙏

    Natalie Sloane Avatar Natalie Sloane
    8th December 2020

    positive review  Mikki, Paula and Kirsten are phenomenal. With all the Covid19 stresses and airline upsets, they managed to get booking confirmation with Emirates. Animals were collected on 13/11 and had 24hrs layover in Dubai on route to Dublin for 15/11. All paperwork was sorted out by them (their checklist is extremely easy to follow) and we got updates from the state vet confirmation from them. On time for the collection, they were patient with all my concerns and questions before we loaded the animals. Bittersweet goodbye but looking back at it now, I definitely stressed over nothing - super smooth process and what a relief to get them and have vet sign off their paperwork in Ireland. With all the uncertainty with flights, Covid19, airline changes, price increases etc. ALL of them are beyond swamped with paperwork and stress.....juggling and working late. Patience will help you and them THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING you guys did for us, definitely would recommend AeroPets Worldwide #professional #affordable #friendly #Ireland #thebest

    Zoe Jackson Avatar Zoe Jackson
    21st November 2020

    positive review  Big Thank You to Mikki and Aeropets team, they managed to get our cats safely to the UK in record time when everybody said it was impossible. The communication was constant the cats paper work double checked to make sure everything was as seamless as possible. Really a pleasure working with you 1st class service all the way.

    Garth Stoltz Avatar Garth Stoltz
    24th October 2020

    positive review  A heartfelt thank you to Aeropets and especially to you personally Mikki. Getting half decent service is rare nowadays and yet the service I received from you and Aeropets was fantastic. During a very trying time of my life you provided not only an extremely professional move for my four boys, but you also gave me peace of mind with your caring and compassionate approach as well as the patience you afforded me. Oslo Chunk JR & Moe all arrived as promised at JFK and all in great shape. They love the new place and have settled in perfectly. Anyone considering relocating their pet family should be using you guys, I would not even consider any other company after having dealt with Aeropets. Not that I intend doing this again anytime soon mind you.

    Tony Watson Avatar Tony Watson
    22nd October 2020

    positive review  We are so grateful to Mikki and the Aeropets Team for helping get our two precious rotties to Amsterdam! We did a hell of a lot of research before choosing a company to assist us with relocating our pets and not only did Aeropets give us the best price, they also came highly recommended by friends who've also moved overseas. Ella and Stevie arrived yesterday with big smiles, and as calm as if they'd been jet-setting their whole lives.Thank you all so much!

    Stacey Leigh Dul Avatar Stacey Leigh Dul
    14th October 2020

    positive review  Paula has been amazing thru this whole process of getting Cailey to the UK. So much info and help and advice, I would not be this calm without your help. Cailey flies tonight!! Will send video when she arrives, thanks you for helping to get my family back together.

    Karen Rothman Avatar Karen Rothman
    31st August 2020

    positive review  After 5 long months of being apart from our beautiful babies, we were finally reunited. Mikki and her team worked tirelessly, trying everything possible and leaving no stone unturned in trying to get them to us. Thank you Aeropets and thank you Mikki for calming me down. Answering my millions of questions no matter how many times I asked the same one and thank you for playing such a massive role in our lives. We are forever grateful.

    Kerri Behrendt Avatar Kerri Behrendt
    16th August 2020

    positive review  Thank you Europets for bringing our furbabies safely from Johannesburg to Austria. They are settling in nicely into their new home. Mikki a huge thank you for your patience with all my queries - we are most appreciative for your kindness and detailed responses to everything. 😻😽

    Colleen Badger Lahner Siebert Avatar Colleen Badger Lahner Siebert
    20th July 2020

    positive review  Aeropets made a scary and anxious move for our cat Ketner an absolute breeze. Their Communication, assistance and all around great attitude put our minds at ease, and made the whole process manageable and a lot less stressful. You are so passionate about what you do and it shows so much. Thank you 🙏🏼

    Jenna-wade Goudge Avatar Jenna-wade Goudge
    3rd July 2020